Love Fall & Winter


Our Drive this Fall


First Snow on Schweitzer

In Northern Idaho Fall has arrived!  The colors this year have been spectacular.  As the leaves have changed, so have the candle and air fresheners scents for Pauper’s Candles.  This time of year brings in the cinnamon, timber, spice, fall fruit, and warm scents everyone enjoys.  Filling our homes with great scents is a comfort we all love.


Fall captured in our town



Fall and Winter scents you will find at Pauper’s Candles include:

Harvest Moon, Spiced Pear, Cinnamon Red Hot, Cinnamon Clove, Amber, Nag Champa, Pumpkin Spice, NorthWoods Christmas, Christmas Cabin and our original scent Three Trees.

You can order our candles through our website at

May you and your family have a truly blessed Fall and Winter Season.


Clothes on our line in the Fall.

Blessings and Comfort,

Krista Webber – Owner

Pauper’s Little Work Space

I was needing a little space in my house where I could use my laptop, process orders, do bills and store my “office materials” for Pauper’s Candles.  I decided to use the closet space in our guest bedroom.  I totally love the way the space came together.

Contrast old new paint

First things first: A fresh coat of paint in the closet before building Pauper’s Little Work Space. Nothing like Bright White paint – I have since finished painting the rest of the guest bedroom

Tool Basket

When one does not have a tool belt or tool box, a basket will do.

Stand up Shelf

This is a stand alone shelf that I built with re purposed wood from my local dump. I love this shelf!

Desk Parts

I wanted a little desk and had found these old table legs at my local dump and thought they would work great for the legs of my desk and the other wood I used was also courtesy of my local dump.

Shelves in Closet

Here is my finished desk. I just love old wood. I then made some top shelves with some book shelf brackets I bought at my local Home Depot. Again shelf wood is from my local dump. Did I mention I love old used wood?

Work Space Finished

I added a chalk board that I made from an old window I found at my local dump and I made a magnet board from an old cookie sheet I found at a thrift store. This cookie sheet had a metal loop on the end that was perfect for hanging it up. I just love old stuff!

My Pauper’s Work Space came together great and I wrote this post while sitting at my little desk.  I have also added curtains, so when quests come over I can close the curtains and they do not have to see into my work space.  This was a fun project.  Go Re-Purposing! Go Old Wood! Go Local Dump!



Wow, What a day!

Morning Chores

What a great gift – No chores for Mom today.

I woke up to my husband, Mark, saying, “Do not worry about the morning chores, Kirt and I have this.”  When I came out of our bedroom, I was greeted with “Happy Mother’s Day!” and was asked by my husband if I wanted to have a cup of coffee.  My son proceeded to tell me that I could do whatever I wanted today, like read my Bible, do crafts, read a book, play games, and my son said that I could even play with his remote control car outside if I would like.  I had been hearing my son and husband the past few days talk about “Mission Mom” and now I was beginning to see the mission.




Coffee made with love

Bringing a cup of coffee to Mom. What a great helper he was with Dad.


I read my Bible while they finished the chores. We all then went outside to sit and have coffee and apple cider together.  I thought to myself with a big breath and watery eyes, this is a great moment.




Mothers Day Card.

Love this card made by my son.

My son then handed me a card he had made.  He read it to me and it began with, Thank you for being an awesome Mom… tears slid down my cheeks.  I gave my son a hug and kiss and thanked him and looked at my husband and said, “Taking in this great moment” and he nodded.



Breakfast Oatmeal

Oatmeal – Love Oatmeal that is allowed to soak in a Stanley thermos over night. Thanks Babe!

My husband then told me that breakfast was ready.  He had made oatmeal the night before in one of our thermoses.  My son had set the table and Mark served breakfast.  All I had to do was sit down at the table and eat.  As we were eating, Mark and Kirt with excitement told me what the rest of the day would entail.  Another great moment.



Going to Church

I love these two!

We all got dressed and headed to church.  When I sat in the car, I saw a card on the dash that was from my husband.  I opened it and read ” How do you spell ‘Love’?” asked Piglet.  “You don’t spell it,” said Pooh.  “You feel it.”  and then  read, Moment by happy moment, hope your first Mother’s Day is beautiful.  What an awesome husband I have. ” This is another beautifully great moment,” I thought.



Lunch Quich

Quiche made by my husband, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

After church Mark and Kirt took me to Home Depot to buy some blueberry bushes for our orchard and then we went home to eat quiche the Mark had made the day before.  We ate our meal while watching the classic movie Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang.  Kirt enjoyed this movie and eating on TV Trays is always a treat.

Once the movie was over and dishes done by Mark, with a another cup of coffee in hand, Mark and I went and sat outside looking out over our property to Schweitzer Ski Resort.  With Kirt playing outside, we reminisced about parenthood, God’s grace, and our love for each other.  Another great moment.

Thank you Mark and Kirt for all you did to prepare and provide such a wonderful First Mother’s day for me.  You accomplished “Mission Mom” fantastically!  I love you both.


A Pauper’s Tea Destined to be A Pauper’s Coffee

My Three Sniffers

Natalie, Brooke, and Jennifer: Awesome friends to take time from their day to smell candles for Pauper’s Candle Company!

As I was testing new scents for 2016, I thought to myself that I would like to have some of my friends smell these new scents and give me their honest opinions. I thought that while they were smelling I could serve tea and treats. Sometimes a thought needs to become a reality. I invited three fiends from various backgrounds and occupations and they all indicated that they would love to come. I began to plan my first Pauper’s Candles Tea.

I have to give a pause and make a few statements. I live in Northern Idaho, on a dirt road, and have a quarter mile easement off my road to my solar powered home. I live in what I call snow country. If the temperatures rise during winter our road turns to slush and then mud. I was taking a chance by having my Pauper’s Tea at this time of year.

As the date for my Tea was approaching the temperatures were rising and we were getting rain and not snow. Our snow plow broke and was put in the shop not to be finished until after My Pauper’s Tea. Three days before my tea my road was a slushy mess and we could no longer drive our vehicles to our house. We had to walk the quarter mile easement and anything we needed to buy or take from our home we had to carry in our backpacks, or put on our sled to be pulled to our house or vehicle. I knew that my tea could not take place at my home. I started thinking what I could do. I could cancel or change the venue. I thought to myself where I could have a small gathering. I thought of a place in town and talked with one of my friends I had invited and she thought that this was a great idea and also suggested another spot she knew. I thought her suggestion was better and so I changed the venue to be at a place downtown that had a small coffee shop that opened early. All of my friends were so flexible and willing to meet downtown.

My Three Sniffers 2

Smelling, smelling and smelling some more candles!

My first Pauper’s Tea became my first Pauper’s Coffee. The day arrived for my Pauper’s Coffee and it was raining. I had to gather everything I would need for my friends to sample me new candle scents in a backpack because I also had a wholesale order and online order that needed to be sent in the mail and I had to use the sled to pull them to my vehicle. As I was walking to my car with my rain jacket on, backpack on and orders on my sled covered with a tarp to protect them from the rain, I thought to myself, “Only in Northern Idaho” and “Only in North Idaho would people totally understand and not think this strange.

New and Old Scents

Pauper’s Candles – Some will stay, some will go, and some will be new. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I arrived downtown at 8:25am and I was the first to arrive. I was excited because I was able to put together the tables and chairs and set everything out for my meeting. I then met my friends and as they arrived they were able to get coffee and treats. I started my Pauper’s Coffee by introducing all my friends to each other and then we began smelling the new scents. It always amazes me how personal scents can be and how each person has reasons why they like certain scents over others. Two hours later, I had gathered some terrific information to help me decide Pauper’s 2016 Candle Scents. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Natalie, Jennifer, and Brooke for taking the time to smell new scents and give me your opinions. I had a wonderful time and hope you did too!

At home looking at data

I have decided on Pauper’s Candles 2016 Candle Scents!

As I looked over the data I gathered from my Pauper’s Coffee with my friends, I decided Pauper’s Candles candle scents for 2016. Some scents remain, others discontinued and new scents added. Pauper’s Candle Company Candle Scents for 2016 are as follows:




I am excited for Pauper’s Candles 2016 Soy Candle Lines and Air Fresheners. I know that there is a scent for everyone to enjoy!

Pauper’s Candles is Charging into the New Year

Our Beautiful New Years Day - 2016

Our Beautiful New Years Day – 2016

As the snow fell many days before and on Christmas Day, Pauper’s Candles finished up its last orders.  When New Years Day arrived the clouds left, the sky was radiant blue, and the sun shone on the snow that had fallen.  It was a beautiful New Years Day.


As the sun was shining, our solar panels were working to capacity and our batteries were humming.  We were charging up and starting off the new year with fully charged batteries.  I love those sunny winter days!


Pauper’s Candles is getting ready for the 2016 Year.  New scents are being tested, website and store being updated, and new business strategies will begin to be implemented.  We will keep you posted for the exciting upcoming changes.

Solar Panels 2 New Years Day - 2016

The Sun Charging up the Solar Panels and Batteries on New Year Day!

Happy New Year from Pauper’s Candle Company!

At the Moscow Food Co-Op you will find Pauper’s Candles!

New Logo 2Pauper’s Candles can be found at the Moscow Food Co Op in Moscow, Idaho.  We are excited to be there!

While Pauper’s Candles was at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market in 2014, I, Krista and Owner of Pauper’s Candles, met Ashley Douglas.  She and her family were visiting Sandpoint and visited the Farmer’s Market.  Ashley, her sister and mother were enjoying the many scents of our candles and Ashley asked if we sold our candles wholesale because she was the Mercantile Buyer for the  Moscow Food Co-Op and was interested in bringing in our soy wax candles.

In the Fall of 2014, Ashley brought in Pauper’s Candles to the Moscow Food Co-op and our soy wax container candles were a success.  During the Christmas Season, the Co-Op carried many of Pauper’s Seasonal Scents such as Christmas Cabin, Northwoods Christmas,  Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon/Clove, and Harvest Moon, as well as what has become their staple scents, Lavender, Huckleberry, Tomato Leaf, Vanilla Velvet, and White Ginger & Amber.

Our Tomato Leaf soy candle is a wonderful reminder of Summer

Our Tomato Leaf soy candle is a wonderful reminder of Summer

For the 2015 Spring/Summer Season the Co-Op is additionally caring our candle scents of Cucumber, Eucalyptus, and Fig.  Each Season Ashley brings in a few seasonal scents to keep a rotating variety of scents as well as staple scents you can always find.

All of  Pauper’s Candles are made with 100% soy wax ,cotton wicks and scented with either premium grade fragrance oils or 100% essential oil.  Pauper‘s soy wax is also non-GMO.  All of Pauper’s Candles are made using solar energy generated on our property for our home and home business.

White Ginger & Amber is Pauper's #1 Seller

White Ginger & Amber is Pauper’s #1 Seller

Whenever you are in Moscow, Idaho you should visit the Food Co Op.  They are located at 121 E. 5th St. in downtown Moscow, Idaho.  You can also get to know the Co Op by going to their website or face book page.

Enjoy the many natural products including Pauper’s Candles at the Moscow Food Co Op!

Pauper’s Candles are at Azalea, Handpicked Style in Sandpoint, Idaho

Azalea Signjpg

Brooke Deccio owner of Azalea with Pauper's Candles

Brooke Deccio owner of Azalea with Pauper’s Candles

Pauper’s Candle Company is excited to announce that Azalea Handpicked Style in Sandpoint, Idaho is caring our candles.  Azalea is a cute, eclectic boutique owned by Brooke Deccio that is located at 322 N. 1st Ave in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho  Azalea Handpicked Style is a woman’s thrift and consignment clothing store and is open Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm.

Pauper's Candles features at Azalea in Sandpoint, Idaho

Pauper’s Candles featured at Azalea Handpicked Style in Sandpoint, Idaho

Azalea is caring a variety of Pauper’s Candles. The candle scents that you will find at Azalea are:
Grandpa’s Pipe     Mango Papaya      Che Bella                     Coconut
Ocean Breeze       Basil Sage Mint     Tomato Leaf                Blackberry Sage
Dirt                       Lettuce                  Leather                       Fresh Cut Grass

Azalea Store Window No SignIf you ever want to know what is new at Azalea Handpicked Style, take a look at its Facebook page.  Brooke posts new items several times a week.

We love having our candles at Azalea and know that you will too.

Pauper’s Candles and Sustainability

Our Home Run by Our Solar Panels

Our Home Run by Our Solar Panels

What does Sustainability mean anyway?  The definition of Sustainability is wide.  It basically means:

  • Living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.
  • Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed.
  • Living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future.

When I started making candles in 2003, I did not start my business, Pauper’s Candle Company, thinking that I wanted to make candles that were sustainable.  I am not sure the term was really used then.  But as I started to learn more about the products I was using and could use, I started to make conscience efforts to use products that were renewable, recyclable, and made in the US. This was the beginning of Pauper’s being sustainable without knowing it.

MK infront Panels

Mark and Krista with our Solar Panels in the Background

For almost five years, Mark and I have been living in Idaho and have built our home on our 10 acres with allot of sweat equity.  We were not necessarily thinking sustainability when we decided to build our home using solar energy.  We were thinking of having a lifestyle that was slower, simple, and debt free.  We run our home from our 10 solar panels and 12 batteries.  On average we pull out our generator 5-7 times a year.  Our life style has become sustainable.

As a result of our home being run by solar energy, Pauper’s Candles produces its products using solar energy.  I think that this is pretty cool.  Our solar panels generate the power to run our home business. I would say this is sustainability

This year at the Farmer’s Market in Sandpoint, Idaho, I will be selling what they call “farm baked goods” along with our candles.  Farm baked goods are those baked goods that have at least one of the top three ingredients from your property/farm.  Since we have chickens (eggs), grow and harvest strawberries, raspberries, and an assortment of vegetable from our garden each year, our baked goods are from food we raise and grow ourselves.  Again, this is sustainability.

With Pauper’s Candles, I also reuse all our shipping boxes and packing materials for us to use when we ship our products.  So, if you order Pauper’s Candles and see your order arrive in a box with another company logo on it do not be alarmed, we are recycling the box.  My local grocery store, Super 1, gladly gives me their empty boxes.  Just the other day a friend of mine had empty boxes from orders for her business and gave them to me to reuse.  And again, this is sustainability.

Additionally, we purchase our materials from companies who are located in the US and we attempt to purchase materials that are made in the USA.  I have become friends with a woman who has a Lavender Farm in Oregon.  They grow, distill, and sell their own Lavender Essential Oil.  This is the oil I use in my Lavender candles in my From Nature Candle Line.  And again this is sustainability.

My husband and myself believe that we are to take care of the dirt we live on and have a positive impact on our environment because we are in charge of taking care of God’s creation.  Pauper’s Candle Company is run with this in mind.  We want to produce products that are of quality and sustainability.  When we look back at how we ran our home business and made our products, we want the wake left behind us to be one that is positive.

New Website for Pauper’s Candle Company

New Website Look for Pauper's Candles

New Website Look for Pauper’s Candles

We have just completed a new website and are excited about it.  We think that you will like the simple clean layout.  We have started our blog, so if you are interested in knowing what Pauper’s Candles is up to you can link to our blog from our website and our posts will also post on our Facebook page as well.  If you want to know what Mark and Krista, owners of Pauper’s Candles Company, are up to in their personal lives you can link to our blog, Living a sustainable dream, from Pauper’s website as well.

We have made some changes to our website.  We are now using Square Stores when you are purchasing our products.  Once you “click” that you would like to shop for Pauper’s Candles Products, you will be automatically taken to our “Store” that is hosted by Squareup.  You then will see a very simply screen that has pictures of our products for sale, just click on what you want to purchase and then you will choose what scents you want that candle or air freshener to be.  You will no longer use Paypal to process your credit card, but square will process your credit card.

We are sorry to announce that we are no longer able to offer Free Shipping.  We have a flat shipping fee of $6.50 per order.  This is still low, but with the many price increases we have had over the last few years we needed to add the shipping fee.  On the positive side, we were able to keep our candle and air freshener prices the same.

So with that being said, take a look at our new Website and enjoy!  We would love to have you follow us on our blogs and on Facebook.