OSU Mom’s Weekend: Thank You

Pauper’s Candles had a terrific show at OSU’s Mom’s Weekend.  The weather was perfect.  The crowds were great.  The customers were stellar.  The event coordinators were awesome.   To top off the weekend, I was able to see and stay with my parents.  My dad and mom helped me set up and my mom and I ran the show.

Ever since I have been doing craft/art shows my mom has assisted me whenever she can in my booth selling my candles. Being able to have my mom with me has been such a blessing.

Also in the middle to the show, I received a text.  It was from my husband who was not able to go with me because he was working.  My husband had written me a poem and texted it to me.   It was the icing on the cake you could say to make this show a great experience.

Pauper's Candle Company Scented Soy Wax Candles

Scented Soy Wax Candles By Pauper’s Candle Company

Thank you to my customers and event coordinators for making this a great show.

Until next year…..

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